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Welcome to our 26th season of luminous musical theatre! Although we founded Broadway Rose as a dynamic space for musical theatre lovers over 25 years ago, we’ve been under the spell of musicals since long before that.

What is it about musical theatre that makes for such enchanting storytelling? Is it the irresistible melodies that echo in your ears long after the final curtain falls? Or the exhilarating energy of leaps and kicks, tapping toes and stomping heels? How about the technical wizardry that transports us through time and space to a crumbling gothic mansion or a starlit mountain peak?

[expand title=”Read More.”]Of course, it’s all those things and more. Musical theatre is a wonderful mixture that can sweep you up into another world – whether it’s a moment in past history or an absolute fantasy. You forget about where you came from. Time stands still for a few hours and you’re part of something extraordinary.

Isn’t it magical?

If you wish for more of that wonder and discovery in your life, we invite you to come be part of Broadway Rose. We planned this season in hopes of taking you on a journey through experiences that will captivate and charm you, with a blend of timeless treasures and fresh new surprises. It’s a collection of stories and music woven together by a range of voices, men and women at the top of their craft, from Broadway luminary Stephen Sondheim to emerging playwright Christy Hall to Portland’s own musical theatre maestro Rick Lewis. Let us entertain you!

And if you believe in this band of artists and dreamers, give yourself the opportunity to be spellbound all year long with season tickets. We vow that whatever you see (and we hope it’s everything) on our stage, it will be beautifully executed, joyously delivered, and an experience far away from the everyday.[/expand]

Let us entertain you

Introducing the 2017 season of Spellbinding Musicals

Single tickets for all 2017 shows are on sale now.