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Band Geeks! Character Descriptions

The Band Geeks Company

***Actors are not required to play a musical band instrument, but it is a plus. ***

The Adults:

Mr. Hornsby: (age range 40-55) The band teacher. Dedicated, passionate. Bullied. Legit Baritenor (G)

Mrs. Dixon: (age range 40-55) The Principal. Still smarting from her divorce.  Neurotic helicopter parent, she is highly caffeinated and in need of adult companionship. Alto Belt (C)

The Band:

Elliott: (age range 18-30) Band Captain who pushes too hard for the attention his parents lavish on his weatherman brother,  Overweight, but appealing. TUBA, Tenor (A)

Laura: (age range 18-30) Low self esteem and practical to a fault., she crushes on Elliott.  FLUTE, Soprano belt (E)

Molly: (age range 18-30) Hides behind her nihilism and goth facade.  CLARINET, Alto (C)

Nicole:  (age range 18-30) Twirler Girl. Spotless, perky and part time exhibitionist.  Hot, but obsessive.  BATON, Soprano belt (D)

Alvin: (age range 18-30) Bright and sassy – always ready with a quip.  SAXOPHONE, Baritenor (G)

Spitz:  (age range 18-30) A showoff trumpeter with more bravado than talent – very pleased with himself – suburban kid trying to be ‘street.’ TRUMPET, Baritenor (G)

Natalia: (age range 18-30) Eastern European exchange student – wise and wry beyond her years. TRUMPET, Soprano belt (D)

Kyle:  (age range 18-30) Goth/Emo gamer boy – head buried in electronics. SAXOPHONE, Baritenor (G)

Stewart:  (age range 18-30) Ms. Dixon’s asthmatic son, he is the youngest member of the band, trying to escape the long shadow of his mother. CLARINET, Baritenor (F)

Jake:  (age range 18-30) Removed from the football at a rival school, he’s none too pleased to join the band.  Like all tough guys – he is protecting a badly scarred interior life. DRUM, Rock tenor/baritenor (G)