Regular summer education programming has been replaced with adjusted classes for 2020. Learn more.


Is the deposit applicable to the total cost of camp?
Yes. The deposit due at the time of registration will count toward the total cost of the camp.
What if I need to drop my camper off early or pick them up late?

Counselors will arrive on site 20 minutes prior to the start of instruction every day, but unfortunately we are unable to offer childcare before or after our camps. If you have an emergency and are running late to pick up your child, please call Amaya Santamaria at 503.906.2383.

What if my camper has to miss a day of instruction?

Sickness happens! However, given the fast-paced nature of our Summer Drama Camp and Teen Summer Workshop, we advise that campers not miss more than two days of instruction. We are unable to accommodate planned absences.

If your camper is sick and needs to miss a day of camp, please contact Amaya Santamaria at or call 503.906.2383 at least half an hour prior to the start of instruction.

Does my camper have to be available for all the performances?

Yes. We expect that every camper enrolled will be present for every performance. Out of fairness to other students, we are unable to make any exceptions.  

My child is nervous! Any advice?
They’re not alone! Lots of kids get nervous before attending camp for the first time. Campers are led through fun “getting to know you” games the first day so that we can all get better acquainted and start making friends. Even after one day of singing, dancing, and playing games, it’s easy to forget all about being nervous!
Is food provided?
No. Campers will need to bring snacks, a lunch, and bottled water for on instruction days. For performance days with only one show, campers will be dismissed after the performance ends. They should be sure to eat prior to arriving at the theatre since there is no eating in costume. On days with two shows, we will have time to eat a quick lunch before getting back into costume for the second performance.
Note: On the last day of the Teen Summer Workshop, there is a closing day party with food provided by the Broadway Rose Theatre Guild, otherwise they will be expected to bring food and water with them every day of camp.
Will I need to purchase costume pieces for the show?
No. We may ask campers to bring in certain clothing to serve as the base layer for the costumes our designers will create. These requested items are likely to be things already in the camper’s closet, but if you don’t have anything you think will work simply contact us and we will pull something from our costume shop.
Registration is now closed/full and my child really wants to attend camp. What should I do?
Contact Amaya Santamaria at to be placed on the waitlist.

Drama Camps

My child has never done musical theatre before – will the children’s camps be too advanced for them?
No! Our children’s camps are a great way for your child to learn about theatre for the first time. Our Spring Break Camp and our Summer Drama Camps offer introductory experiences that are fun for both first-timers and more seasoned students. They’re a great way to build confidence, gain theatre skills, and have fun while doing it!
Will my child have lines in the summer drama camps?
Possibly. Our summer drama camp students learn songs and choreography to perform alongside the cast of professional actors and appear in other scenes as anything from woodland creatures to townspeople.
Occasionally in our children’s productions, there are a handful of minor lines which the director assigns randomly. This varies by show and it is not guaranteed that your child will have a line.

Teen Summer Workshop

Do participants have to audition for the Teen Workshop?
There are no auditions to register for the Teen Workshop. Just fill out the registration form (and scholarship form if you require financial assistance) and either email scanned copies to or mail to Broadway Rose Theatre Company ATTN: Camps, P.O. Box 231004, Tigard, OR 97281. A $50 deposit is required to secure a spot. You can pay this by including a check in your mailed registration forms or by calling Community Engagement Coordinator Amaya Santamaria at 503.906.2383.

The director may lead informal auditions in addition to the camp “Show and Tell” when assigning particular roles, but all registered students will be on stage.

What is the Teen Workshop “Show and Tell?”
The “Show and Tell” is a chance for students to meet some of their fellow workshop participants as well as show director Isaac Lamb some skills of their choice. The “Show and Tell” isn’t limited to singing, dancing, and monologues, either! Any special skills from playing the trombone to juggling are welcome. You never know what will come in handy during a show!