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Introducing the cast of this summer’s production of The Sound of Music:

Leah Yorkston as Maria Rainer

Isaac Lamb as Captain Von Trapp

Margie Boulé as Mother Abbess

Jami Chatalas Blanchard as Elsa Schrader

David Sargent as Max Detweiler

Lindsay Jolliff as Liesl Von Trapp

Everett Pearson as Friedrich Von Trapp

Madison Thompson as Louisa Von Trapp

William Britton as Kurt Von Trapp

Kaylee Bair as Brigitta Von Trapp

Mackenzie Bezio as Marta Von Trapp

Aida Valentine as Gretl Von Trapp

Collin Carver as Rolf Gruber

David Brown as Franz, the butler

Lalanya Gunn as Frau Schmidt

Margo Schembre as Sister Berthe

Catherine Bridge as Sister Margaretta

Eve Bernfeld as Sister Sophia

V. Spencer Page as Admiral von Schreiber

Blaine Palmer as Herr Zeller

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