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Whodunit casting


THOMAS JOHNSON: Baritone. A very English butler with glasses, a mustache,
and an impressive pompadour.

CARRIE INNES: Mezzo. A wealthy, stylish American woman of about 50 on holiday.

LIDDY ALLEN: Mezzo. Carrie’s difficult Cockney maid (not the least bit stylish) of about the same age.

SALLY INNES: Soprano. Carrie’s pretty niece in her 20’s.
(Doubles as servant in opening scene.)

JACK BAILEY: Bari tenor. Sally’s handsome young friend from school.
(Doubles as servant in opening scene.)

REGGIE ARMSTRONG: A dead body. (doubled or a mannequin)

MR. JARVIS: Baritone. The austere local detective, perhaps with a pencil
mustache. (Doubles a servant in opening scene.)

ZARA: A fortune telling gypsy woman in full regalia who is also the groundskeeper.

A MYSTERIOUS STRANGER: A formidable bald man of 60. This part is doubled by Thomas, the butler.