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Content Advisories

We want to empower you to make choices suitable for you and your family. The following information is meant to assist you in determining the appropriateness of a show for you and your family.

The show contains alcohol and marijuana use, sexual situations including onstage intimacy (no nudity), conversations about sexuality, and moderate profanity. Artificial vapor cigarettes are used (these cigarettes do not contain nicotine or produce smoke). A small fog effect is also used. Parental guidance is suggested.

Beehive is suitable for most theatergoers. Haze effects are used.

The Addams Family
The Addams Family makes irreverent references to macabre subjects such as death, torture, and demon, and includes comedic violence. There is mild profanity, references to drug and alcohol use, and sexual innuendo and situations. Parental guidance is suggested.

American burlesque entertainer Gypsy Rose Lee, is the inspiration for Gypsy. The show focuses on Lee’s mother Rose and explores the dark side of show business and ambition at any cost, including pushing her daughter into striptease. There is no nudity; mild profanity. Parental guidance is suggested.

The show contains moderate profanity, religious references, death, sexual situations, and violence. Parental guidance is suggested.

Your Holiday Hit Parade
Your Holiday Hit Parade is suitable for all theatregoers.

Note: Children under six years of age, including babes in arms, will not be admitted to any mainstage production.

Scripts for all of our productions are available to read at our offices. To make arrangements to read a script or for further information on content advisories, please call the box office at 503.620.5262.